A read only mirror of the original lollipop cloud sources. This repo was mirrored from the original home on GitLab (https://gitlab.com/kemonine/lolipop_lan_cloud/)
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A ‘cron’ daemon that watches the filesystem for changes and performs actions. This is used to auto-apply config for Caddy and Unbound.

This is here mainly to facilitate auto-reloads of Caddy/Unbound during setup and over time. This is especially helpful if using acme.sh for Let’s Encrypt certificates as they are regularly updated and once updated need a restart of the Caddy service. This config takes care of that situation as well as updated DNS records in Unbound.

Inspiration / Sources


apt update
apt install incron
systemctl enable incron
systemctl start incron



cat > /etc/incron.d/unbound.conf <<EOF
/etc/unbound/local_zone IN_CREATE,IN_ATTRIB,IN_MODIFY,IN_DELETE unbound-control reload


cat > /etc/incron.d/caddy.conf <<EOF
/etc/caddy/services IN_CREATE,IN_ATTRIB,IN_MODIFY,IN_DELETE killall -USR1 caddy

Acme.sh Certificate Updates

cat > /etc/incron.d/acme-sh.conf <<EOF
/var/acme.sh/domain.tld IN_CREATE,IN_ATTRIB,IN_MODIFY,IN_DELETE killall -USR1 caddy

Post Configure

systemctl restart incron