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This is a **VERY** advanced topic with some creative tricks to simplify getting the config added to NetworkManager. You're on your own.

The author *strongly* recommends reading through this and adapting to other services well ahead of any real need(s).

## Inspiration / Sources

- [](

## Prep Work

Download OpenVPN configs, drop them in a good place on the filesystem and script import.

### Download OpenVPN Template Files

``` bash

mkdir -p /etc/
cd /etc/
mkdir openvpn-strong
cd openvpn-strong
cd ..

Add OpenVPN To Network Manager

# NetworkManager Gnome is *required* to get a missing library on xenial
# OMIT Gnome item if you can get away with it...

apt update
apt install network-manager-openvpn network-manager-openvpn-gnome

Import / Setup

Manual Import

Import the cleaned up, provided OpenVPN profiles. This will require intervention on your part after the profile is created in NetworkManager to ensure it can connect properly.

Initial Import / Edit

nmcli connection import type openvpn file /etc/[con_name].ovpn
nmcli con show
vim /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/[con_name]

Adjustments/Necessary Verification - [con_name]



Update Profiles in NetworkManager

# Reload For Changes
nmcli connection reload [uuid_from_above]

# Connect
nmcli con up [uuid_from_above]

Suggested Files For import

TODO : Verify this is a reasonable subset

  • australia_sydney-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • canada_toronto-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • canada_vancouver-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • finland-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • france-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • germany-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • hong-kong_tseung-kwan-o-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • luxembourg-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • mexico-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • netherlands_amsterdam-1-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • norway-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • singapore-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • spain-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • sweden-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • switzerland-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • uk_london-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • us-central_chicago-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • us-east_new-york-aes256-udp.ovpn
  • us-west_seattle-aes256-udp.ovpn

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