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Self hosted RSS reader a la Google Reader

Inspiration / Further Reading

Install / Update / Run Script

Setup a generic script that’ll auto update TT-RSS, build a container and launch it. You should only run this script at first launch and/or when you’re looking for updates.

mkdir -p /var/ttrss
docker exec -it postgres psql -U postgres
create role ttrss nocreatedb nocreaterole login PASSWORD 'password';
create database ttrss owner=ttrss encoding=UTF8;

wget -O
chmod a+x /root/docker/


Simply execute /root/docker/ to update/run TT-RSS.

Cron For Feed Updates

*/10 * * * * docker exec --user 991 -it ttrss /usr/bin/php /config/www/tt-rss/update.php --feeds --quiet

Update Unbound

cat > /etc/unbound/local_zone/ttrss.conf <<EOF
local-data: "ttrss-insecure A"
local-data-ptr: " ttrss-insecure"
local-data: "ttrss-insecure.domain.tld A"
local-data-ptr: " ttrss-insecure.domain.tld"

local-data: "ttrss A"
local-data-ptr: " ttrss"
local-data: "ttrss.domain.tld A"
local-data-ptr: " ttrss.domain.tld"

First Run / Finalize Setup

  • Navigate to http://ttrss-insecure.domain.tld
  • Follow on-screen prompts for finalizing setup
    • Use the above psql username/password/database during the install phase
    • Use as the postgresql hostname
  • Login and enjoy
    • The default account is admin/password