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The Lollipop Cloud Project

The Lollipop Cloud project is a way to self-host internet services, such as a website, contact list, file storage, or a calendar, through open-source technology and ARM boards. It allows for anyone with an ARM computer to host their own services.

(The above blurb came from our website, in case you’re just joining us.)

Some Links Relevant to the Project

Recommended Hardware

Initial Setup

Setup For Beginners: If you are new to installing Linux, or would like a little extra help walking through the initial creation of your Lollipop, please take a look our documentation written especially for beginners. Then skip down to the next section (Networking Setup) when you’re ready.

If you’re not using the link for beginners, the following links are good first steps:

Networking Setup

Fundamental Tools

  • Cockpit (recommended): simple browser-based management console/UI
  • Chrony: clock synchronization
  • Borg Backups: simple, effective backups
  • Docker: containerize your services
  • Let’s Encrypt: SSL/TLS certificates for secure web communications
  • Incron: a way to watch the filesystem for configuration changes and restart services
  • Caddy: web server and reverse https proxy
  • Pi Hole: ad-blocking that blocks ads before they are loaded, can help conserve bandwidth and data transfer
  • Searx: self-hosted meta search engine

Additional Services

  • Postgresql: database server, required for NextCloud, Gitea, Wallabag, and TT-RSS, and other services; helpful if you will be a heavy user of your Lollipop Cloud
  • Monitoring: basic system monitoring
  • NextCloud: file syncing, calendar syncing, contact syncing; an alternative to Dropbox and iCloud
  • Syncthing: sync for large numbers or large sized files; an alternative to NextCloud
  • Gitea: self-hosted git and web interface for issues, pull-requests; an alternative to GitHub and GitLab
  • Wallabag: save websites for later; alternative to Read it Later and Pocket
  • TT-RSS: self-hosted RSS reader; alternative to Google Reader