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Wallabag is a self hostable application for saving web pages: Save and classify articles. Read them later. Freely.

Alpha Notice

This image is in early alpha! It may undergo some big changes so please plan accordingly and backup your data regularly. Things may change that prevent backwords compatibility.

Running wallabag

The image currently only supports postgres at this time. If there’s interest I’ll add the libs for the other backends (sqlite, mariadb).

At bare minium you’ll wan to set the database connection parameters and the hostname.

docker run -d --name wallabag \
  -e DATABASE_HOST=postgres \
  -e DATABASE_USER=wallabag \
  -e DATABASE_PASSWORD=wallapass \
  -e DOMAIN_NAME=localhost

This will start the container and begin auto-configuration of the application database. When it’s finished starting up visit: http://localhost in your browser.

Default username: wallabag Default password: wallabag


Key Description Default
DATABASE_DRIVER The PHP Database driver to use. “pdo_pgsql”
DATABASE_HOST The hostname or IP of the database server “postgres”
DATABASE_PORT The port to connect to the database “5432”
DATABASE_NAME The name of the database to populate “wallabag”
DATABASE_USER The database username “wallabag”
DATABASE_PASSWORD The database password “wallapass”
SUPERSECRET A set of random characters used in secret generation “fc4449308d3ecfc80f7ae57a29fb755d1c007e3b”
MAILER_HOST The SMTP host to send mail through “localhost”
MAILER_USER The SMTP server username “wallabag@wallabag.example”
FROM_EMAIL The email address the mail should be from “wallabag@wallabag.example”
FOSUSER_REGISTRATION Enable/Disable registration for multi-user instances “false”
FOSUSER_CONFIRMATION Enable/Disable email confirmation to complete registration “false”
DOMAIN_NAME The domain of the wallabag instance http://localhost
LOCALE Default Language code in LOCALE format “EN/US”


todo: Add actual detail here.

docker build --build-arg WALLABAG_VERSION=2.1.3 -t wallabag .


This is a remix / rework of ; We’d much prefer to AVOID ansible hence the re-work.